Interactive Virtual Presentations!

Please note that our mobile education program has been suspended due to Covid-19. We will hopefully resume this program once the gatherings ban lifts and it is safe to do so. In the mean time please see below about our new Virtual Presentations!

These new virtual presentations will feature animals of your choice!

Individual presentation

For 1 hour you and your family will have a one on one VIDEO chat with Mike (and sometimes Raina) where you can chat all about the animals you love most. Mike will bring out the animals you request one at a time and let you see them live on your screen at home. You can ask all the questions you want as Mike teaches you all about animals! We know this isn’t hands-on but it is the next best thing!

Virtual presentations will be done via Facebook Messenger Video chat or Facetime.

Each 1 hour virtual and interactive presentation is $100 which can be paid via email transfer to

Group presentations

Want to invite friends or family that don’t live in your house?

We are using the new Zoom app (free download) to bring people together for a safe way to have a group presentation! Pricing and structure is the same as an individual presentations just a different platform and with more people!

Please email for information and booking!



Wild Education has a presentation to fit the needs of any party, school, expo and more! If you do not see what you are looking for here, please contact us and we will find something that works for you!


The best way to introduce youngsters to the world’s most exotic and unique creatures is with a hand-on, educational presentations by Wild Education!

Each child will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of exotic animals in a very safe and hands-on environment. We understand that young children don’t really understand a lot about conservation and endangered species but this is a great beginner lesson and introduction to the world of exotic animals.

For daycare rates click here



Wild Education is a great way to add some very unique entertainment to your event while still providing some valuable education! Our petting zoo set up is the best way to have all of your guests experience some AMAZING animals in the most hands-on environment! This set up usually features our larger tortoises which weigh over 100lbs!

We are also available to do on stage seminars during your event which is very interactive with the audience. Seminars such as “good pets vs bad pets” have been very popular and attracted large crowds at many festivals.

For pricing and available setups, please email.


Corporate events/meetings


Wild Education also caters to corporate staff parties and other events. Please contact us for more info.